Three for Thirty: Reflections on the Evolution of Residential Design

Sponsored by Thorsen Construction Hosted by AIA Northern Virginia, James W. Ritter, FAIA (Ritter Architects),  David E. Neumann, AIA (Neumann Lewis Buchanan Architects) and Mark C. McInturff, FAIA (McInturff Architects), three well-respected local residential designers reflected to a full house on how their practices, each spanning more than 30 years,…

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The Montgomery County Zoning Code Rewrite: Impact on Residential Design

The Montgomery County Zoning Code Rewrite is Montgomery County’s ambitious undertaking to simplify and bring its zoning code into the 21st century. The county is experiencing the pressures of rapid population growth, with little remaining developable land to accommodate it, while also facing a need to codify sustainable design practices.,…

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